Support Call Logging

Picture8Are you…

context-aware when you are making decisions?

noticed shere have the “call costs” been incurred???



How BPM solution helps:

1. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER about their history records and understand what expectations to meet.

2. SPREAD AWARENESS to get notice of involved parties for further collaboration.

3. GATHER SOLUTION to come up with the best solution.

4. OPEN COMMUNICATION CHANNEL between employee and customer for transparent knowledge transfer.

About Support Call Logging

Frontier’s Support Call Logging allows online filing of a support request and build effective support relationships with clients. By accurate capture of information and easy access to customer contacts, users may troubleshoot the problem quickly and effectively.



Major Features



  • Customer Management
    Quick tracking on customers’ contacts and products information.
  • Ticket Creation
    Ensuring high priority issues are all present and recognized.
  • Automated Mail
    Effortless notification to critical members on latest updates.
  • Analytics & Reporting
    Get deeper, real-time customer insights with powerful metrics.


Contact Frontier to learn more about our Support Call Logging tools and customer support capabilities!



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