Customer OnBoarding



Are you…

Still going through customer satisfaction records and trying to find the magic number???

How quickly can your team manage the platform change due to new regulations???


√ Customer On-Boarding is not just a single interface!!!

How BPM solution helps:

1. COMPLY with New Regulations and Frameworks: AML, KYC, CRS

Frontier’s Customer On-Boarding Module transforms the mode of Exchange of Information (EoI) from “On request” to “Automatic” that
transmit loads of customers’ information systematically and periodically.

2. SINGLE POINT ACCESS to Consolidated and Real-time Records on Customer Activities

To review existing customer base, institutions may have direct and instant customer activities records including frequency and size of currency deposits, transaction flow etc. These valuable information helps financial institution to evaluate customer behavior and demand.


While entering into a new era of global tax transparency,  high level regulatory intelligence is expected. With massive regulations and activities records being implement everyday, a simple yet comprehensive platform is needed to ensure accurate data is obtained.

CRS Ready with our latest
Customer Onboarding Module !

Guarantee on High-level Compliance by…

+ Having Customer Information as input

+ Remediating and classifying input data, workflows and legal requirements

+ Identifying report and presentation mechanics

+ Getting support by single-online-portal, mobile platform and regulatory agency


The level of compliance from institutions is expected to rise as more and more tightening regulatory measures are being introduced around the world. Inspired by the previous modules, Frontier is experienced in handling a number of supporting activites of CRS Implementations such as on-boarding process, classification of pre-exisiting accounts and reporting procedures.

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