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The Rise Of Low-Code Means For CIOs

With a bid to meet customers' demand for new products and unparalleled experiences, seeking the best way to digitize the enterprise environments and highlighting the company uniqueness come to the top of every CIO's priority list. While there are numerous modules amplifying the enterprise business value with developer frameworks for visual coding, the capability of integration and...
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Frontier 2018 Focus

Frontier is going to leverage the BPM platform to a higher level with a sharp design and updated tech.

Come and meet the new Frontier’s 2018 Focus!

Knowing that Digital Transformation is the cornerstone of a successful company’s journey today, Frontier is now exploring new technology to drive better business outcomes. These hottest topics include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Integrating smart and precise business insights
  • Machine Learning (ML): Leveraging cognitive capabilities
  • Robotic process automation (RPA): Accelerating automation of repetitive tasks
  • RegTech: Achieving compliance standard for ever-changing directives
  • Blockchain: Propagating security policies and identity access management

We are very optimistic about assessing and deploying technologies across enterprises. We believed these technologies will enable enterprises to make smarter decisions and provide more competitive offerings so works could be completed in a better, faster and cheaper way.

Let us embrace the wave of changes and see the new competitive world as it will become!

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Get started in BPM and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Banking

AI is enabling banks to better serve customer's needs with more focused and relevant products!

By mimicking human thought to processes, AI identifies processes a vast amount of data and observes the potential trends and patterns in the transaction data in the form of probability. Furthermore, actual outcomes are being fed back to the system to keep...
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RPA + LowCode = Labour(x)

Highly productive bots are now marching online and working diligently to free workers from tedious jobs and focus on work that produces much higher value. Studies showed that the increasing complicatedness of firms has raised the demand for embedding IT in business as the major remedies: 5        Read more

Banking Modules Series – Collateral Management (OTC)

Frontier’s Bank Collateral management (OTC) Module is now released!

Adapt better tools and technology to allocate collateral effectively and efficiently to respond to the volatile market! Frontier is now providing a one-stop solution for banks help to streamline business models and processes to reduce operating costs and strategically manage risks across both back and front office.


  • Data Extraction and Case Creation via Inbound API message

  • Alert Definition and Maintenance Dashboards

  • Case Investigation Workflows

  • Key Metrics Dashboard

  • User Action Management

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Aviva tidied up its business processes with Appian

Aviva, the UI Insurer, has deployed Appian's low-code application development platform to its General Insurance, Life and Pensions and Accident and Health business unit, in order to chart their global digital transformation journey. One of the most commonly used objects is application programming interface (API) which is responsible for calling the core systems. The API plays an...
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Accelerators are the Secret Sauce for Quickly and Successfully Modernizing Federal IT

On top of tight budgets and layers of bureaucracy, speeding up of the IT modernization becomes critical to the federal government. To ensure a quick execution and delivery without risking error, one way is to partner with qualified professional services teams to aid in delivery. With the requirements fully provided at the beginning and through an initial implementation, agencies can...
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The Best Low-Code Development Platforms of 2017

The world’s biggest companies are targeting Low-code BPM platforms to empower their teams and re-imagining how IT can drive their business. Currently businesses rely a lot on ERP applications. These apps act as the tool to capture, manage and translate raw data into meaningful insights, triggering further related actions to help in solving problems. In order...
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Acquisition Management (ACQ)

Frontier’s Acquisition Management (ACQ) Module is now released!

Use Frontier’s Acquisition Management System (ACQ)  to manage all stages of the acquisition life cycle from creating a new request, managing requirements, supporting vendor Q&A, proposal evaluation and contract award. Real-time data views support drill-down for more details.


  • Create Purchase Requests

  • Document Management

  • Manage RFQ Uploads & Releases to Vendors

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Insurance Series – ePayment a& eReimbursement (RPA)

Frontier’s Insurance ePayment & eReimbursement (RPA) Module is now released!

ePayment and eReimbursement become much easier with Frontier’s Insurance ePayment & eReimbursement (RPA) Module. Frontier’s RPA modules allow users from anywhere in the world to make requests 24/7 at their convenience. Besides that, unlike traditional Cash-On-Delivery (COD)  method, automatic currency exchange would be executed to match the instant exchange rate and convert the money to the appropriate currency. These new features would be very useful in reducing turnaround time by improving accessibility for faster submission, approval, and employee reimbursement cycles.


  • eForm for Reimbursement and Payment Request

  • Proposal Request Newsfeed

  • Escalation Handling

  • Request and Approvals Record

  • Consolidated ePayment & eReimbursement Request Report

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