Software Innovations Through AWS Cloud

Not only “in-cloud” Business Process Management (BPM) software reduces technology cost, but also improves strategic process and making better alignment of IT with business goals. This new IT paradigm drives organizations to get  across to different industries, achieve their missions more efficiently and increase favorable profit margins.

AWS is very robust, featuring a technology infrastructure platform that has great breadth of services and depth in its offerings…

Outside of operational performance and security of the platform, we are proudest of the agile pace of innovation we have created for our customers.

Head of Global Technology Alliances at AWS


The 100% web-based interface and architecture makes it an ideal environment to deploy as a service in the cloud in terms of reliability, security and scalability.



A hallmark of the AWS cloud environment is its provision production, non-production, and disaster recovery instances in minutes. The 24×7 extensive support activities including system monitoring, management, maintenance, backups and geographic redundancy helps to minimize outages, and increase its reliability so as to minimize the impact of runtime failure conditions.


AWS does not require additional downloads or installation. Information was safeguarded with several protection features such as SAML, LDAP, or Active Directory authentication and single sign-on and TLS Encryption. The systems has been examined and certified in a number of Assurance reports such as SOC 1, ISAE 3402, SOC 2 and PCI-DSS.


This is the most attractive prospects in the beneficially rich phenomenon. AWS provides unlimited process application and bandwidth  for easy  upscale or downscale IT requirements as and when required. On top of that, having Exchanging Email and web services integrated has made data and documents much faster than ever before.



The AWS is now available with Frontier as either an on-premise or cloud offering. To be a more nimble and adaptive organization, please contact our sales team to learn more about Frontier’s BPM solution with AWS.