Appian Extends Leadership in Low-Code Platform-as-a-Service

Having Appian 16.3 released in Oct 2016 together with a ton of exciting new features across all aspects of the product, we are please to foresee meaningful digital business transformation driven by Appian’s low-code platform. The new features include:

Site Improvement

On top of basic task reports, records types and actions, designers can now render tasks and records in Sites as well. It helps for kicking off user-centric related actions without going back to the “5 tabs” environment.



Wider Task Interface

Moving the column from the left to the top, the Tasks page can now take up the whole full screen spaces which is equivalent to a 25% . Also, Task emails can now be turned off to avoid horrendous non-customize task notifications.


Hierarchy Browser Tree

This new SAIL component enable users to configure hierarchical business data in a visual tree structure just like modifying many defined data set which includes images and links in an organization chart. Users may also recenter the diagram by clicking on the node to show surrounded precedents and dependents of the node.


Task Reports for Quick Apps

Quick Apps has made sending task from report more convenient by creating a new button that allows task to be delivered to all users as recipient.Untitled3

To learn more, please refer to the Appian’s Press Release or contact our sales team.